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Date of CME Topic of CME
26-April-2015 CME on Basic Infertility workup
7-June-2015 RAN Symposia
28-June-2015 CME on Uro-Gynecology
10-July-2015 CME on Cervical Cancer
19-July-2015 RAN Symposia
2-August-2015 RAN Symposia (No Accreditation)
23-August-2015 CME on Bleeding and Pain in 1st Trimester
6-September-2015 RAN Symposia
11-October-2015 Gynacon
25-October-2015 CME on Perinatology
8-November-2015 RAN Symposia (No Accreditation)
22-November-2015 CME on PCO
6-December-2015 RAN Symposia (No Accreditation)
20-December-2015 CME on Medicolegal
3-January-2016 RAN Symposia (No Accreditation)
14-February-2016 IAGE-AFG Live operative workshop
21-February-2016 Annual Conference
6-March-2016 RAN Symposia
27-March-2016 AGM (No Accreditation)
12-June-2016 CME on Adolescent Gynecological Problems
3-July-2016 RAN Symposia
7-August-2016 RAN Symposia
21-August-2016 Workshop on Tissue Management in Obstetric Surgeries
4-September-2016 RAN Symposia
25-September-2016 CME on Perinatology
9-October-2016 Workshop on Obstetric Emergencies
6-November-2016 RAN Symposia
4-December-2016 RAN Symposia
11-December-2016 Panel Discussion on Medical Disorders in Pregnancy
12-February-2017 XVIth Annual Conference
26-March-2017 AGM & CME
9-April-2017 RAN Symposia
16-April-2017 Perinatology CME - Part 3
30-April-2017 CME on Urogynecology
14-May-2017 RAN Symposia
28-May-2017 CME on Fetal Medicine
11-June-2017 RAN Symposia
18-June-2017 CME on Infertility
9-July-2017 RAN Symposia
13-August-2017 RAN Symposia
20-August-2017 CME on Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
17-September-2017 RAN Symposia
17-September-2017 CME on Fetus as a Patient [AFG-ISPAT]
8-October-2017 RAN Symposia
8-October-2017 CME on Sexuality [AFG-FOGSI Sexual Medicine Committee]
12-November-2017 RAN Symposia
3-December-2017 CME on Obstetric Dilemma’s
14-January-2018 RAN Symposia
11-February-2018 RAN Symposia
10-March-2018 AFG-ISOPARB Workshop
11-March-2018 AFG-ISOPARB Conference
25-March-2018 CME & AGM